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THE ITALIAN SEA GROUP is a pioneer in the construction of yachts and ships of lengths up to and exceeding one hundred meters in length, making it one of the most successful companies in the international yachting industry. The Italian Sea Group is a luxury goods company that is entirely made in Italy, and its headquarters are strategically located within the ports of Marina di Carrara, Viareggio, and La Spezia.

Marina di Carrara plays host to The Italian Sea Group’s administrative offices and headquarters. The basin, which is 200 meters long, and the second dock, inaugurated in November of 2021, which is 147 meters long, are the two private dry docks that are the largest in the entire Mediterranean. TISG operates a second facility in the city of Viareggio in addition to a third facility in the city of La Spezia. The Italian Sea Group’s facilities in La Spezia include 18 production sheds, two of which have dry docks, over 1500 meters of berth, a 3,300-ton floating barge, and a keel pit. The total area of all of these facilities is greater than 244,000 square meters.

The VILLAGE is a structure that is built inside of the Headquarters and is reserved for employees, captains, and crews. It provides these individuals with the opportunity to monitor all of the activities that are taking place while also providing them with the opportunity to enjoy leisure services such as a gym, spa, beauty center, restaurant, and bar.

About Admiral Yachts

Admiral is a company that makes both semi-custom and fully custom superyachts out of aluminium and steel, with lengths of up to 145 meters. As part of the Italian Sea Group, the Arcobaleno Super brand was established in the 1950s when the Italian shipyard Cantieri Navali Lavagna began producing luxury cruising motor yachts out of wood. An 18-meter wooden flybridge cruiser with aggressive styling was the first version of the Admiral. With the continued success of the Admiral name, the shipyard expanded to produce larger vessels, such as the 30-meter flybridge cruiser introduced in the mid-1970s. The 34-meter motor yacht Mau Mau, which came after this model, was instrumental in making the company what it is today.

In 1982, Admiral began producing lightweight aluminium alloy semi-displacement performance yachts. It also introduced a line of steel-hulled, full-displacement yachts with aluminium superstructures. Admiral, renowned for its Italian style and elegance, also provides completely custom superyachts. Explore our inventory of Admiral models, which includes the C Force, E Motion, Momentum, and Regale lines.

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About Tecnomar Yachts

Tecnomar has delivered 294 yachts to far and offers yachts up to 50 meters in length whose sportiness, dynamism of lines and cutting-edge design are at the service of a powerful and reliable mechanical system.

Each model is a design challenge in achieving a balance between the elegance of the finest Italian nautical tradition and the utilization of cutting-edge technologies and materials.

Passion, attention to detail, sophisticated style and cutting-edge design, tradition, know-how and workmanship, passion, dedication to excellence, inventiveness, and professionalism; are the traits that have made Tecnomar an internationally acclaimed example of EXCELLENCE and MADE IN ITALY.

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