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Caribbean Islands

One of the most beautiful regions in the world, the Caribbean is seen by many as the ultimate tropical island cruising destination. Renowned for its clear, sparkling aquamarine waters, vast sweeping sandy beaches and laid-back lifestyle, the region is home to more than 700 islands, reefs and cays – best explored by water. The many islands of the Caribbean feature a blend of the rich and varied cultures which have arrived on their shores over the last centuries, including Dutch, French, British, Spanish and North American influences, making them truly unique. Divided into two major groups, the Greater Antilles, which includes Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republica, Puerto Rico and Jamaica and the Lesser Antilles, compromising of Antigua & Barbuda, Saint Martin, Aruba and the remaining islands, the region offers endless cruising possibilities. Across the Caribbean, there is diverse and beautiful topography, including coral reef, tropical rainforests, valleys, plantations and volcanoes.  As only 2 percent of the entire Caribbean region is inhabited, there are countless unexplored islands and coves waiting to be discovered. 

Caribbean Bliss

Ranging from the mountainous sultry Leeward Islands to the captivating British Virgin Islands, to the sandy Grendaines and dreamy Turks and Caicos, there is something for everyone to enjoy in the Caribbean. The unrivalled waters offer both dramatic scenery and world-class watersports, while the islands boast vibrant cuisine, fascinating history and welcoming locals. For those truly looking to unwind and get away from their fast-paced daily lives, the glittering sands of the Bahama archipelago offer complete relaxation all year round thanks to its tropical climate.

Your trip through the Caribbean can include a cruise to the picturesque Antigua, offering a peek into its colonial roots, an off-the-beaten-track discovery of the Bahamas and its white sandy beaches and a dive in the crystal-clear waters of the Tobago Cays.

Caribbean yacht Charter


Tranquil, exotic and ideally located, Antigua has been a leading yachting destination for years. Its white sandy beaches, stunning harbour towns and fishing villages have a unique pull, with Falmouth Harbor drawing in visitors from all over the globe. Thanks to its strong colonial roots, the island remains a historical delight for all.


Home to some of the most unique and beautiful coral reefs in the world, look forward to exploring this tropical gem by water. Comprising of 700 islands, spanning from vibrant hotspots, natural wonders and uninhabited beaches, the Bahamas offers the perfect paradise getaway.

British Virgin Islands

Viewed by many as the sailing capital of the world, thanks to its balmy climate, consistent winds and short distances, the British Virgin Islands is perfectly situated for island hopping. Explore some of the islands gorgeous landmarks, like the Virgin Gorda Baths or Gorda Peak or unwind in one of its many luxurious spas.

St Barth

Renowned for the St Barth Bucket Regatte, attracting some of the largest superyachts in the world each March, St Barth is known for its glamorous and luxurious offering. Crystal-clear waters surround miles sandy white beaches, with plenty of untouched nature waiting to be discovered.

Windward Islands

A Windward Islands charter adventure will take you from the southern end of the arc of Caribbean islands, stretching from Martinique to Grenada. A less traveled route than the northern end of the chain, these magical isles offer a mix of longer and shorter passages through dramatic vistas, serene bays and deserted beaches.

Leeward Islands

Encompassing several different nationalities, the Leeward Islands span some 120 miles from Anguilla to Dominica. They offer a diverse geography ranging from lush rainforests to coral islands to volcanic craters, along with a wide array of cultures and cuisine, perfect for your charter experience.

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