Bahamas Yacht Charter


Bahamas Yacht Charter
Spend endless days exploring the beautiful, colourful and seemingly endless islands of the Bahamas this holiday season. An ideal destination to explore via water, the sun-soaked Bahamas is home to stunning white, sandy beaches, picturesque towns and tiny cays. The region is famous for attracting some of the most notorious pirates of centuries past, who made use of its warm, sheltered waters and deep caves to hide their looted treasure. A paradise for snorkellers, divers and sea lovers of all ages, why not cruise to the Bahamas and explore the barrier reefs, visit the swimming pigs of the Exumas or hit up ones of the areas legendary blues holes?

Visit the archipelagos of the Abaco islands

Home to one of the world's largest barrier reefs, the Abaco islands are perfect for travellers to enjoy. Explore the historical plantations houses and rum distilleries inland on the Great Abaco Islands, or take to the turquoise waters and delve into the reefs. See how many types of fish you can spot!

See the former pirate hub, Nassau

The most famous port in the Bahamas, Nassau has lured pirates and ships for centuries. A vibrant hub of activity and energy, it is home to several five-star marinas, gourmet restaurants and bars as well as historical sites and museums.

Explore the archipelagos of the Exumas

Consisting of 365 cays, this destination is known for its laid-back lifestyle. Its shallow, crystal clear waters are ideal for swimming, diving and snorkelling and famous for their local attraction - the swimming pigs! Enjoy these special swimming companions on Major cay.

Stop by Harbor Island

Only accessibly via boat, this small island is one of the Bahamas best-kept secrets. Favoured by celebrities and royalty alike, enjoy relaxing on the beautiful pink sands, strolling passed New England-styles houses and dine in some of the most luxurious restaurants.

Explore the famous Thunderball Grotto

Named after the eponymous James Bond, you can reenact part of the iconic film at Thunderball Grotto. Swim through the cave where 007 hid or snorkel through the reef and see colourful angelfish, parrotfish and more! Watch out for stromatolites, the oldest macro-fossils on earth.
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