Corsica Yacht Charter


Corsica Yacht Charter
Despite their position between some of the most popular cruising areas of France and Italy, Corsica and Sardinia remain two of the unspoiled gems of the Mediterranean. A yacht charter vacation to these islands offers uncrowded beaches, dramatic volcanic landscapes, sheltered bays and colorful fishing villages.


A region of France, Corsica lies 90 miles south of the mainland and 60 miles west of Italy. The 100-mile-long island was formed by volcanic activity. Bordered by beaches, the interior is mountainous and wild in character, with soaring peaks and deep ravines. Corsica’s east and west coasts are very different in geography: to the east is a flat coastal plain with sandy beaches but relatively few bays large enough to accommodate superyachts, while the west offers sheltered coves interspersed with cliffs plunging into the sea. Although officially French, Corsica retains a very strong cultural identity influenced by both France and Italy, which is reflected in the architecture and the cuisine.


The second-largest island in the Med, Sardinia is also one of the most fascinating. Here you can see tepee-like structures, called “Nuraghe”, which are among the oldest known to man. Strolling through the charming old coastal towns, you will hear the Sardinian language, Sardo, spoken along with Italian and several other local dialects. Sardinian seafood has a worldwide reputation for excellence, particularly the local lobster.

Bonifacio Strait

The Straits of Bonifacio, between Corsica and Sardinia, is home to the Archipelago della Maddalena, the first national park in Sardinia. Its 60 islands and islets are popular with snorkelers.

Costa Smeralda

The northeast corner of the island is known as the Costa Smeralda, or “Emerald Coast, which is famous for its beautiful sailing waters with abundant wind and sun. The town of Porto Cervo is home to the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, host to elegant superyacht regattas. Originally bought by the Aga Khan 50 years ago, this resort destination is dotted with beautiful villas and designer boutiques, as well as exclusive restaurants and nightclubs.

Porto Cervo

Il Pevero, one of Europe’s top courses, is located in Porto Cervo. The area is rich in natural beauty, including deep blue bays and clear seas, making it a great place to break out the yacht’s water toys. Beach lovers recommend the wide, crescent-shaped Liscia Ruja; Cappriccioli, framed by pink granite rocks, and Romazzino with its bright, blue-green water.
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