Croatia Yacht Charter


Croatia Yacht Charter
Over the past decade or so, Croatia has grown in popularity until it has become a summer charter yacht destination that rivals even some Western European regions. There are more than a thousand islands to choose from, many of them still uninhabited and pristine, while Croatia’s coast boasts ancient fortresses and medieval walled cities. Croatian yachting charter itineraries often begin across the Adriatic Sea in Venice or in the Croatian city of Dubrovnik. One-way charters are ideal here, following the Croatian shoreline as far south as time allows.

Pearl of the Adriatic

Dubrovnik, called the “Pearl of the Adriatic,” is an ancient town surrounded by high walls. No cars are allowed inside the old town, making your arrival in the harbor by yacht the best way to visit. Many of the city’s old stone buildings were reconstructed with historical accuracy following the nation’s war for independence in the 1990s, so a stroll through the streets feels like you are walking back through time.


The island city of Korčula is also rich in history, although its narrow streets now are lined with modern restaurants and boutiques. Here, you can explore a home believed to have once been inhabited by Marco Polo, or sit and celebrity watch at a waterfront café, as Korčula is a popular backdrop for many film directors.


When you’ve had enough of civilization, your yacht will whisk you off to explore the less populated islands. Don’t miss Hvar, called “the Island of Lavender”, although it is equally well known for its red wine. Cruising on, your Captain will find the perfect spot to spend the night at anchor in a scenic bay. You’ll awake to crystal-clear water that’s ideal for an early morning swim, followed by delicious breakfast on the aft deck surrounded by Croatia’s natural beauty.
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