Patagonia Yacht Charter


Patagonia Yacht Charter
Where the Pampas meets the Andes lies the territory of Patagonia, shared by Argentina and Chile. This remote yet romantic destination can be part of an adventure charter itinerary that might include rounding Cape Horn or visiting Antarctica.

Tierra del Fuego

Spanish explorer Ferdinand Magellan was the first European to navigate the treacherous strait that runs through this windblown land as he was searching for a new trade route to the Orient, and it now bears his name. Magellan’s expedition also named Patagonia, probably for a character in an old chivalric tale – a wild man who ate raw meat – and the island of Tierra del Fuego where, legend has it, they saw the smoke rising from the natives’ fires (fuego).


Southern Patagonia, known as Magallanes, is the place to see spectacular sculpted mountain peaks. One of the area’s many natural preserves, Torres del Paine National Park, also offers views of pristine lakes and rivers, valleys and glaciers.


Your charter experience will likely begin in Punta Arenas, Chile, known as the “Southernmost City on Earth,” which faces the Straits of Magellan. It is best described as an outpost, but it also offers cultural riches and surprisingly, a decent nightlife.
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