Spain Yacht Charter


Spain Yacht Charter
Spain offers those in search of a yacht charter holiday a little bit of everything, from Riviera-style beach towns to dramatic island vistas. In terms of charter destinations, there are three main cruising areas to consider: the Atlantic coast, the Mediterranean coast, and the Balearic Islands.

Atlantic Coast

Ruggedly beautiful, this bit of coastline forms the southern edge of the Bay of Biscay. The weather can be unpredictable here and facilities for large yachts are limited, as are secure anchorages. If the weather is good, this is a wonderful place for a Spain charter adventure‚ but you can’t rely on it.

Mediterranean Coast

This coast is a safer bet as it offers more predictable weather and tides, along with comfortable cosmopolitan marinas and anchorages in quiet coves. Visitors can visit historic sites dating back to the Moorish occupation of the 1st and 2nd centuries, and indulge in contemporary pleasures like shopping and nightclubs.

Costa del Sol

An itinerary from Marbella on the Costa Del Sol to the Costa Brava will take you to enchanting fishing villages, beautiful beaches and one the world’s most fascinating cities – Barcelona. The Picasso museum and Gaudi’s amazing modernist buildings are must-see attractions in this Catalan capital.


Stroll the mysterious alleys of the Gothic Quarter, then stop for a café con leche at a sidewalk eatery and play Barcelona’s favorite game – people-watching. The tradition of the afternoon siesta is still observed here, followed by dinner late in the evening. It’s amazing how many different versions of paella are on the menu.

Balearics Islands

This is by far the most popular Spanish destination for charter yachts, located just 100 miles or so west of Valencia on the Spanish mainland. Mallorca is the most popular of the islands for yachtsmen. The harbor of Palma de Mallorca, dominated by the enormous Gothic cathedral know as La Seu, is home to marinas so vast and lined with so many shops and restaurants that guests practically don’t need to go any further ashore. But you’ll want to explore the winding streets of this ancient seaside city. Minorca and Ibiza also have a lot to offer, including craggy coastlines and sunbaked beaches, as well as a nightlife that is famous throughout the world.
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