Turkey Yacht Charter


Turkey Yacht Charter
Exotic bazaars, romantic ruins and clear turquoise waters await you on the Turkish Coast. The yacht charter season in Turkey is one of the longest in the Mediterranean, typically stretching from May through October. If you can avoid the peak months of July and August, you will find fewer tourists in the ancient temples and on the beaches.


The itineraries of most Turkey charter yachts are one-way voyages along the southwestern coast between Bodrum and Göcek, as these cities are close to regional and international airports. Round-trip itineraries also are available, especially to the east of Göcek, where ports in some cases are accessible only by boat. Throughout this coastal region, you will find an enchanting combination of bustling modern life and historic sites. One day you may be haggling over a hand-knotted carpet in a bazaar, while the next, you might be kayaking or swimming over the ruins of Cleopatra’s baths.

Nautical Heritage

Port cities such as Marmaris strongly reflect Turkey’s nautical heritage. Here you will see a large number of gullets, the region’s traditional vessels – mahogany motorsailers with wide beams and rounded sterns. In the past, gullets were used as a main means of transportation for goods going to market. Traveling by charter yacht will give you a feeling of connection to this seafaring nation.

Fun Filled Days

A typical day on charter in Turkey includes both land and water activities. There is always a green hill for hiking and a pretty cove perfect for a refreshing swim. You may even find yourself snorkeling right over the ruins of an ancient stone building. In the evening, stroll around town and drink in the rich smells of spices in the bazaar.
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