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South America

Chartering the Panama Canal between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans in Central America is one of the most awe-inspiring voyages a yachting enthusiast can make. But that experience is mostly about marveling over man’s engineering feats. There are other itineraries available that will take you past natural wonders such as tropical isles and dense jungles inhabited by almost uncountable number of wildlife species. Much of the land on both coasts of Central America is designated as national park, ensuring that it will stay in a wild and pristine state for future generations.

Costa Rica

Northwest of Panama, the Pacific coast of Costa Rica is a popular yacht charter vacation destination in it’s own right. Here you will find a wide range of adventures and activities, from exploring the many protected parks to angling for world-record sportfish to surfing “awesome” waves.

Mediterranean Yacht Charter


The Pacific coast of Mexico offers several different charter yacht itineraries that combine world-class offshore fishing and spectacular sunsets with delicious cuisine and vibrant nightlife where you can dance to a Latin beat until dawn.


Where the Pampas meets the Andes lies the territory of Patagonia, shared by Argentina and Chile. This remote yet romantic destination can be part of an adventure charter itinerary that might include rounding Cape Horn or visiting Antarctica.


What’s not to love about a private yacht vacation through the islands of the Caribbean – the warm turquoise waters, lush mountainous terrains, designer shopping, see-and-be-seen beach clubs, golfing, and untouched national parks…. But what if you have cruised there season after season and need a change of pace? What about crossing an adventure off your bucket list: Visiting Antarctica!

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