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End of Summer Hot Spots in Greece

Board a yacht in Greece and journey to the birthplace of civilization. With over 9,000 miles of coastline and well over 2,000 islands, Greece counts among the finest yachting destinations in the Mediterranean.

After boarding in Athens, discover the Saronic Gulf with its four islands, all close to the capital city. These islands are rich both in history and cultural tradition. Here you will discover large plantations with pistachio trees, beautiful beaches and traditional fishing villages. Hydra, once a great naval bastion proud and indomitable, is now a bare rock topped by mansions of hewn stone. Visit the 5th century temple of Aphaia on the island of Aegina. Poros is the island to visit when you want to spend the day at the beach.

The Cyclades are mountainous islands boasting a dry Mediterranean climate. The most popular of the Greek island chains, they include the much-photographed Mykonos, one of Greece’s biggest tourist attractions (along with the Parthenon in Athens). Each of the Cyclades has its own character, but white cubic-style houses, narrow cobbled streets and charming churches are ubiquitous. Many of these islands are topped by a castle, large or tiny, intact or ruined. Along with Mykonos, Santorini is a must-see stop. It is a beautiful volcanic island with miles of black sand beaches.

Scattered through the northwest Aegean Sea, the Sporades are pine-clad islands with picturesque towns. Skiathos has become a “mini Mykonos” with restaurants, discos and bars. Alonissos is a hilly, wooded island where you will see the locals using donkeys to haul their loads. Skyros is ancient, with steep shores, beautiful bays and sea caverns. The island is the natural habitat of a rare pony known as the “little horse of Skyros.” It is also known for its traditional furniture, inspired by old Byzantine pieces. Karistos, the largest of the Greek Islands after Crete, lies at the foot of a magnificent mountain range with sheer cliffs rising from the sea.

The Ionians are rich in natural beauty, with rare geological formations and lush vegetation. Their gentle slopes are clad with pines, cypresses, olive trees and vineyards. The Ionian Islands are like emeralds scattered on the Ionian Sea in western Greece. One of the highlights is Ithaki, the home of Odysseus, according to Homer. It offers quiet anchorages with crystal-clear water, along with caves to explore. Corfu, the northernmost island of the Ionian Group, lies at the entrance of the Adriatic Sea. It is mountainous with long, golden beaches; one of Greece’s prettiest towns, Byzantine churches, museums, and even a Venetian fortress.

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