Florida – October 7, 2020

The best way to explore the most remote corners of the world, an explorer yacht

If you are looking to explore some of the most remote regions of the world, then an explorer yacht is the way to go! Designed for long-range travel, exploration yachts let you discover the world, without any restrictions or limits on luxury. Each time you set out, you will be fully prepared to go places others cannot reach by simply renting a villa in complete comfort, style and safety.

From beyond the bustling cruising hotspots of the Mediterranean and USA, lie some of the most isolated, yet visually beautiful regions of the world. Explore these exclusive locations at your leisurely pace, in peace and relaxation, away from any prying eyes, crowds and noise. Be prepared to go where no man has gone before – in luxury, style and ease on board of your own private floating resort.

From the decks of your explorer yacht charter, you will experience life-changing encounters with the pure and pristine nature of the surroundings. While cruising to far-flung locations, you will find yourself cruising among the world’s most unbridled wilderness. Explore staggering glaciers, thick forests, rugged landscapes and one-of-a-kind wildlife from the glorious comfort of your luxury explorer charter yacht, or up close in person. Cruise silently past icy glaciers while you watch whales breaching mere meters away.


Your idea of the most secluded, private and luxurious holiday does exist. Just head to some of the most hidden, unspoiled tropical islands on your explorer charter yacht and you’ll find true paradise on earth. Venture out into the deepest blue oceans and experience untouched coral reefs, rainbows of fish and lush, green forests while enjoying the highest level of comfort and service. A true ultimate and luxury experience, these are just a few of the benefits you will experience while cruising on your exploration yacht.


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