Florida – July 22, 2020

The most private holiday is aboard a superyacht

If you are looking for an exclusive and private holiday this summer, then why not charter a superyacht to one remote and beautiful destination? Escape to the high seas aboard one of the most luxurious vessels for an unrivalled summer vacation, while guaranteeing the health and safety of you and your loved ones.

Superyachts offer all the comforts of the world’s most elegant and most expansive hotels while assuring total privacy. There is no need to fear any form of unwanted interruption or distractions during your time away on a chartered yacht, and the skilled crew will handle everything from the itinerary to the menu and day activities. Superyachts also offer ample room to relax and kickback, no matter how big or small your group may be. Many charter superyachts are designed with optimum layouts that wisely divide the available space to assure total privacy for the guests. At the same time, open common areas such as the living rooms, decks, and kitchens offer more than enough room to comfortably and easily adhere to all social distancing rules, without overcrowding. Providing sufficient space for both guests and the professionally trained crew, a holiday on a charter superyacht makes for the most private, relaxing and unique experience this summer.

Imagine yourself lounging on the deck of your own private charter superyacht, watching the sunset over the sea before sipping on cocktails under the stars. Indulge in an array of watersports, such as snorkeling or jet skis, with instructions and guidance from a trained expert or simply relax in the built-in jacuzzi. Sample the world’s finest cuisine and explore gorgeous destinations before returning to the haven of your charter superyacht. Guaranteed to be the most private and exclusive holiday you will ever experience.

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