Florida – August 20, 2020

The most unusual activities you can actually do aboard a superyacht

While most people imagine themselves relaxing onboard a superyacht, either getting a suntan on the upper deck or dining al-fresco on the main deck, most superyachts offer a variety of activities for their guests to enjoy and participate in. From exploring the depths of the oceans to practising your tee, here we list some of the most unusual activities you can actually do aboard a superyacht.

Explore the depths of the oceans

Nowadays, it is common for large charter superyachts to feature a tender garage filled with toys, ranging from jet skis to waterskis, tenders and seabobs. But some superyachts have taken the concept of water exploration one step further and feature their own private dive centre. Featuring all of the necessary facilities, some even have decompression chambers, perfect for your next deep-sea exploration! For those who love to be immersed by the ocean, but don’t want to get wet, there is the underwater ‘Nemo’ lounge. Similar to the underwater glass walkways in aquariums, ‘Nemo’ lounges offer guests one of a kind perspective of their aquatic surroundings, just see how many different types of marine life you can spot!

All about Wellness

With more focus being placed on wellness, more superyachts are featuring dedicated spas or wellness areas. More than just a jacuzzi or hot tub, a number of superyachts now offer guests the chance for complete relaxation. From wooden saunas to traditional hammams, some even have a complete spa, with a massage table, beauty salon and dedicated restorative treatments for athletes. Others include a dedicated space to practice yoga and meditate together with an experienced teacher in the mornings before breakfast, bringing mindfulness to another level.

Sportscentric Getaway

Although many superyachts feature a state-of-the-art gym onboard, with plenty of fitness machines and weights, there are a few that offer guests the chance to participate in another type of sport – golf. By turning the blue of the ocean into a green fairway, golf enthusiasts can practice their tee from the deck of any superyacht thanks to Golf and Yacht. Of course, special golf balls which are fully biodegradable must be used to ensure maritime codes are upheld. For those who prefer team sports, there are a handful of superyachts which feature multi-functional outdoor spaces that can be transformed into basketball, badminton or even tennis courts! But be warned, no one likes a sore loser onboard.

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