Florida – November 17, 2020

Yacht Crew Tips: How does it work?

From spas and take out counters to Uber rides and yacht charters, the question always seems to remain… what’s the appropriate amount to tip? We can’t tell you how much to tip your Uber driver, but we’ve got the scoop on gratuity aboard luxury yacht charters.

When it comes to standards for the charter industry, the general rule of thumb is to tip between 5 and 20 percent of your weekly charter fee. Yes, in addition to the cost of the charter rental, you are expected to leave gratuity for the many people aboard who made your trip memorable. However, there are always factors that contribute to making your decision regarding how much gratuity is appropriate.

Consider Where You Are Vacationing

It’s true that some areas of the world have different standards for tipping. The Caribbean is among the most travelled destinations for luxury yacht charters, and crew here expect a tip of up to 20%. However, travel in the Mediterranean typically calls for gratuity that is no more than 15% of your weekly charter fee.

Consider the Level of Service You Received

Your tip is a way to thank your crew for their service yet even with an expected range, it can be difficult to determine the final amount. As with any service rendered, it is up to you to determine the level of support and service you received from all aboard your yacht charter. Keep in mind that your crew works 16+ hour days away from family and friends. If you’d vacation with them again, they’ve likely earned their fair share of your tip.

Consider the Level of Service You Required

Our crew will no doubt tell you that not all yachters are the same. Some require minimal service. These vacationers may prefer to be left alone and have minimal requirements, rarely leaving the staff squirming and running to complete requests. There are also yachters with high demands. Consider the type of yachter you are. Did you send your crew to town daily for special requests? If so – and if the staff remained professional and courteous – a full tip may be in order.

Consider the Recommendation of Your Yacht Broker

You hired your yacht broker because he or she is an expert. They are the most favorable person to ask when you are considering gratuity. Your broker can tell you what other parties have done in the past, and can even share what he or she would do in your situation.
Consider the Group as a Whole – Not Just One Individual
A yacht charter has a crew of many people – the captain, stewardess, maid, deck hand, cook, etc. It’s possible that you crossed paths with a member of the crew in a less-than-pleasant exchange. Although unfortunate, the rest of the crew would be punished should you decide to withhold a tip, or under tip.

Consider the Gratuity in Your Original Booking Plans

The number one way crews get stiffed after a trip is because the renters didn’t consider the cost of gratuity in their original plans. The gratuity on a super yacht can surpass five-digit numbers, so it is best to plan for the additional cost during the early planning stages of your trip. Your crew will most certainly thank you for it.
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