Florida – November 30, 2020

The Ultimate Yacht Wedding

Luxury yacht charters can be useful for more than amazing vacations. In recent years it has become increasingly popular to host large events – like corporate parties, birthdays, anniversary celebrations – and weddings aboard luxury yacht charters.

There are many benefits to having your big day aboard a luxury vessel, including:

  • Eliminates driving worries
  • One-stop-shop for food, drink and venue
  • Unique experience
  • Smaller crowds
  • Less need for decorations
  • Professional help
  • Can be casual or formal
  • Easily customizable

Some of these benefits make the planning process simpler than hosting a wedding in a traditional venue. However, there are still essential preparations that need to be taken to help your big day run smoothly.

International vs. Domestic Locations: Know the Laws

A wedding in international waters can have some additional rules and paperwork that need to be followed. For example, Greece has requirements that state you must be in the country at least one week prior to the wedding ceremony in order to have a binding marriage. Other common restrictions include, filing paperwork before the ceremony and completing a civil ceremony before a religious celebration.

The Insurance Fine Print Should Be Reviewed

The insurance on your charter likely has fine text. The details are in that small print and if you are not careful you could accidentally void your insurance policy by not following rules regarding laws, regulations or capacity requirements. Be sure to check the fine print carefully, or even hire a lawyer to take a look to ensure no problem arises at the last minute.

Do Research on the Yacht Company Early

No, not all yacht companies were created equal. It is important to shop around and find the vessel that has the necessary luxuries you deem important for your wedding. The online portfolio of local yachting companies is a great place to start. You can compare the price per person to the type of boat and the accommodations that are included.

Consider the Season and the (Sea) Weather

Sometimes boating season and wedding season don’t mix. Depending on where you plan to have your ceremony you will need to consider the historical weather data. You don’t want to get married in the rainy season, but that might mean getting married at a later or earlier date than you originally planned. You should also consider the weather at sea for the month and location you are considering. Traditionally rough seas should be avoided at all costs.

The Age Demographic of Your Guests Matters

While most boats – especially luxury vessels – are accommodating and stable you need to consider if your elderly guests will (1) be comfortable for an extended period of time on a boat, and (2) if they will be able to safely board and exit the vessel. Special accommodations can be made on a case-by-case basis, but be sure to determine early if choosing a wedding cruise means that some guests won’t be fit to sail.


Superyachts offer all the comforts of the world’s most elegant and most expansive hotels while assuring total privacy. There is no need to fear any form of unwanted interruption or distractions during your time away on a chartered yacht, and the skilled crew will handle everything from the itinerary to the menu and day activities. Superyachts also offer ample room to relax and kickback, no matter how big or small your group may be. Many charter superyachts are designed with optimum layouts that wisely divide the available space to assure total privacy for the guests. At the same time, open common areas such as the living rooms, decks, and kitchens offer more than enough room to comfortably and easily adhere to all social distancing rules, without overcrowding. Providing sufficient space for both guests and the professionally trained crew, a holiday on a charter superyacht makes for the most private, relaxing and unique experience this summer.

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