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Proudly handcrafted in Poole, Dorset since 1969, Sunseeker’s tailored approach to building yachts sets this company apart. The most critical skills required to make a Sunseeker – a hawk’s eye, expert hands and a devilish attention to detail – are passed along from generation to generation of builders. In this age of digital manufacturing and automated assembly, Sunseeker remains dedicated to building hand-constructed yachts as they believe there is no better way to create such an exceptional product. Offering customers the opportunity to tailor and personalize different elements within their yacht, no matter the size, Sunseeker prides itself on its unwavering passion and commitment to bringing their customers dreams to life. For a truly luxurious experience, Sunseeker offers a Bespoke service for yachts larger than 100ft. From floor plans to interior furnishings, this service lets customers build the yacht of their dreams.

We offer a wide selection of Sunseeker Yachts for sale, from their smaller models, starting at the 86′ motor yacht to the much larger 131′ superyachts. Discover the best Sunseeker Yachts prices:

Superyacht Range


The biggest and most bespoke offering in the range, Sunseeker Superyachts showcase the best of the Sunseeker style, including functionality, style and brilliance.

Sunseeker yacht prices

Ocean Club 50

The new tri-deck yacht in Sunseeker’s Superyacht Range features the iconic exterior lines the brand is known for. Developed in partnership with Dutch builders ICON Yachts, it is the first aluminium-built.

Sunseeker Yachts for Sale

Ocean Club 42

One of the latest additions to the Sunseeker Superyacht Range, this new flagship was inspired by the yard’s relentless approach to innovation. Featuring Sunseeker’s first-ever vertical bow and 31′ beam.


The tri-deck Sunseeker 131 Yacht brings together everything that a Sunseeker. Able to accommodate up to twelve guests in an extravagant environment, the layout and size of this yacht is one-of-a-kind.


The sophisticated 116 is based on the tried-and-successful platform of its best-selling predecessor, the 115 Sport Yacht and takes things one step further. The revised superstructure and deck offer a spectacular yacht.

Yacht Range


The Sunseeker Yacht range offers the finest in Sunseeker style, design, practicality and ingenuity.


All elements on this superior yacht have been meticulously planned and thought out – to the tiny details, portraying the same elegant and pure craftsmanship found in bespoke superyachts.


The 95 Yacht showcases the latest in innovative design and cutting-edge build techniques. Bringing together the best of the new design direction of Sunseeker, this imposing performance yacht stands in a league of its own.


A captivating blend of class and elegance, the 86 Yacht delivers the entire spectrum of the yachting experience. Every detail, from the bow to the stern, has been planned out extensively.