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Pamela Smith

Sales & Charter Broker

As a Michigan native, Pamela grew up on the shores of Lake Michigan and as a young girl loved the open water. She moved to Florida in 1989 where she pursued a career in corporate sales and marketing. She organized numerous large charitable golf events. She has many passions including family, racing Formula 3, golf and with her artistic abilities, she has designed & developed many real estate properties.

Some of her strong understanding skills as a Broker in selling yachts and new builds were being a part of the UK Super Yacht Tour of Excellence which gave her much knowledge of the industry. As an owner of several yachts herself, she has a knowledge of what it takes to own and operate a yacht. Given her many years of expertise in sales, she can find the right yacht for her client’s mission.

As a Charter Broker, she has chartered many yachts herself with friends and family all over the world which also gives her experience in finding you the perfect dream vacation on your private yacht.

She is excited to come aboard with the world-renowned FGI team with her love of the open water and strong skills make her a great choice to represent you.


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