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Whitten Hall

Marketing Director

A Florida native and career-long S. Florida marine industry professional, Whitten’s primary expertise is in marketing aimed at stimulating sales, kickstarting brands both new & established, and ultimately inspiring families to get outdoors and go boating.

Whitten has worn many caps along the way – digital ad sales manager, events coordinator, copywriter, closing officer, graphic designer and more. As a result, he possesses an intimate understanding of the luxury market, and can skillfully navigate challenges unique to this industry.

But practical experience, and an extraordinary amount of listening along the way, taught Whitten who he truly is as a professional. That person believes:

  • Big ideas are incredible. Whitten has big ideas, but more often than not he’s the one making them come to life.
  • Customers should always be treated like valued friends and family.
  • In running towards challenges, not away from them.

Whitten is grateful and honored to now be a contributor to FGI Yacht Group, and is excited about crushing some goals with this team!


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