USVI Charter Show
November 12, 2022
USVI Charter Show
Build. Learn. Shine. Certify. These are the keywords that spotlight what is new at the 2022 USVI Charter Yacht Show. Charter brokers repeatedly emphasize the importance of not only meeting new crew but BUILDING relationships with crew of existing 2023 bookings, so we added several new networking opportunities. We also are hosting breakfast seminars with professionals and government officials for learning the latest news in the industry and a seminar especially for new crew too. The best yacht and best crew in show awards, the cocktail and culinary competitions which this year feature an escalated panel of judges, give opportunities for crews to really SHINE. And finally, training by Seven Seas Preparatory for Captains and Crews offers valuable tricks of the trade and a new ‘Charter Yacht Professional Excellence’ Certification.


This list of yachts is temporary and will be completed only a few days before the show as yachts finalize their registration. Contact us to get the complete list of yachts on display in your inbox.

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