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The flagship of the Westport yard offers the utmost luxury for a Bahamas-friendly superyacht. Accommodating up to 12 guests in the utmost luxury the yacht is ideal to island-hop for a week with friends and family. The yacht is a true achievement in yacht design combining all the luxury features from much larger yachts, while keeping a shallow draft, with a helipad on the sundeck and an on-deck spa, a master on the main deck as well as a stunning beach club.

The American yacht maker Westport’s Westport 164 luxury yacht series is one of the most coveted and esteemed yachts in its size range on the market. In 2006, the Pacific Northwest shipyard Westport began manufacturing the 164-foot class for the first time. The Westport 164 is one of the largest models created by Westport and is made entirely of fibreglass. Yachts in this series feature hulls designed by Bill Garden with styling by the legendary Donald Starkey. As with earlier Westport yachts, the Westport 164 series offers an ideal platform for internal customization, including the flexibility to alter non-structural bulkheads. Westport luxury boats provide great seakeeping, stability, top pedigree, world-class design, and an optimal layout for a prosperous charter program. This explains why Westport 164 yachts have such a high resale value: the price reflects all of the ships’ outstanding features.

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