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There is no better life experience to tick off the bucket list than a luxury yacht charter. With a private yacht charter through FGI, you will experience the utmost luxury during your dive yacht charter.

Dive Yacht Charter

Diving Superyacht Charter

A luxury yacht charter is truly the best way to enjoy being out on the open water, as it offers easy access. A charter yacht offers a broad range of water sport activities for the entire family to enjoy, from swimming to jet skiing to kitesurfing and paddleboarding. But for real water fanatics, the best way to engage with the magical underwater world is through snorkelling and scuba diving.

Whether you prefer exploring the vibrant coral reefs found near Australia’s Great Barrier Reef using goggles and flippers or going under the water and diving into the caves by Papua New Guinea, a scuba dive-dedicated charter yacht holiday is the best way to explore the oceans. There are stunning diving spots to be found among all the yachting hot spots around the world. From the glistening turquoise waters of the Caribbean to the world-famous Blue Hole in Belize to the calm waters by Raja Ampat in Indonesia, the world is your oyster when it comes to stunning scuba diving spots. Scuba diving has become a popular aspect of yacht chartering of the past years, with several charter yachts offering dedicated itineraries to explore leading diving sites across the globe. Many luxury charter yachts feature diving sets with decompressing chambers. Some even provide diving centres, complete with their own submersible, such as the 77m expedition yacht La Datcha. Built by Amels and Damen in 2020, the charter yacht is designed with luxurious exploration and adventure in mind.

A scuba dive vacation on a charter yacht offers the perfect luxurious, private and customised dive experience one can have. Rather than going through the hassle of sharing a dive day with a large group of strangers onboard a shared boat, a charter yacht offers complete freedom when and how you go scuba diving or snorkelling. Nowhere else will you be able to experience such a personal one-on-one service, with the option of receiving hands-on training from your own certified scuba dive instructor. An excellent choice for scuba dive beginners and novices, those in training will flourish from the individualised care, guidance, and pressure-free training schedules offered onboard a scuba dive charter yacht. There are several options for non-certified divers onboard of a dive charter, who can choose from trying scuba diving for the first time to taking a full open water diver course and becoming certified during their getaway.

Dive Yacht Charter
Mediterranean yacht Charter

At the same time, skilled divers will thoroughly love having the freedom and the ability to select as many dive locations as they chose. As most dive-dedicated yachts have several diving sets and an onboard dive compressor, or an efficiency plant, this ensures a regular supply of air refills for any number of dives required. For guests onboard who do not wish to scuba dive or snorkel, there are a range of other water and land-based activities for them to enjoy, ensuring no one feels left out.

Dive Yacht Charter

FGI Yacht Group offers a broad range of luxury yachts for charter with diving gears and much more can accommodate rendez vous diving:

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