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Cruising while conserving our oceans

As the largest ecosystem on Earth and the planet’s life support system, the ocean is vital to our survival. Vast, beautiful, and mostly unexplored, the superyacht industry is built upon the splendors of ocean living. With the threat of climate change looming ever closer, the industry is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of protecting these waters. Ocean conservation is becoming a central part of cruising, and what better way to do that than by using a hybrid system on your superyacht?

The advantages and benefits of using an e-Motion hybrid system are ample. Not only does using a hybrid system drastically reduce your vessels annual CO2 emissions, but it also improves the quality of life on board.

By switching between electric batteries and diesel generators, the yacht’s energy distribution can be fully optimized, reducing fuel consumption. For example, fuel consumption is reduced up to 30 percent when in Economy Navigation Mode. At the same time, e-Motion hybrid systems also reduce the environmental exhaust and water pollution emitted by motor yachts. Cleaner and safer waters will help ensure the survival of the oceans while making cruising more enjoyable. Motor yachts become as silent as sailboats while cruising in diesel-electric and zero-emission mode, making it possible to depart to your destination silently without waking any guests.

By switching it to zero-emissions mode, one can swim in the waters behind any motor yacht without fear of noxious fumes and noises from the generators while enjoying the peaceful sounds of the ocean. Once moored, it is also possible to switch off generators and run on battery power in a noise-free environment. Fast battery charging means that each battery reaches a 90% charge in only 35 minutes or less, making them ideal for using when moored.
So why not help conserve our oceans while cruising by switching over to a hybrid system?

Build New

The eco-friendly superyachts are quite rare on that market. If you are not looking to compromise building a new yacht while incorporating hybrid systems, solar panels and waste management solutions will be the best fit for you.

Find a Brokerage Yacht

There are various options on the brokerage market of production yachts featuring solar panels up to 115′. With brands such as Arcadia, Silent, & Serenity pushing the boundaries in environmentally friendly yachts.

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