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Diving into the world of yacht building is an exciting and sometimes daunting process. At FGI, our experienced new-build experts take the hassle out of all aspects of yacht construction. We consider every possible detail, allowing you to create your dream superyacht, perfectly tailored to your unique specifications and requirements.

New Yacht Construction

Building a new yacht gives yacht owners the unique opportunity to bring their dreams to life. You can create a yacht entirely on your own terms, designed to your exacting needs, specifications, and plans of how – and where – you will use it. It’s the chance to have everything you could ever want in a luxury yacht created especially for you.

A new build is also a labor of love – a process that requires precision, passion, efficiency, and coordination from all who are involved, not least your broker. The team at FGI has many years of new construction experience under our belts. We know what it takes to manage a yacht build project with the utmost care and meticulous attention to detail. Most importantly, we help make the entire build process as easy as possible for our clients, so you can simply revel in the joy of building your dream boat.

Yacht Refit

A yacht refit offers a good alternative to new construction, allowing owners to find a yacht for sale on the brokerage market and make it their own. There are many previously owned yachts that have excellent bones and simply need a little love to make them shine like new. This could include a more extensive rebuild for the owner who enjoys a project, or a much simpler refresh of the interior design to fit your style preferences and make the yacht truly your own.

The New Build Process

The saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” applies to yacht purchases. Of course, you should keep your aesthetic preferences in mind and communicate these to your broker, but don’t be afraid to check out other yachts your broker recommends – the amenities found onboard just might surprise you and make you glad you had a look.

Exclusively Representing Admiral Yachts in the Americas

Frank Grzeszczak Sr. is Head of Sales for the Americas with the prestigious Marina di Carrara-based shipyard The Italian Sea Group. He represents exclusively their Admiral Yachts brand in the Americas, including North, Central, and South America. Over the years, the yard has invested heavily in its facilities in Italy, creating a state-of-the-art site that builds custom yachts of up to 650 feet (200m). Located near northern Tuscany’s Forte dei Marmi, Admiral has one of the largest dry docks in the Mediterranean, as well as a full offering of key services in-house from carpentry to furniture and leather projects. All this has been undertaken with the ambition of producing the best yachts in the world. Admiral offers 11 different series in steel and aluminum build materials, with models between 120 feet (37m) and 475 feet (145m) in planning, semi-displacement, and displacement hulls.

2023 Admiral 262' 6"' (80.01m)

Galileo 80

Inquire For Pricing Contact

2025 Amels 261'' (80m)

Amels 80

Inquire For Pricing Contact

2024 Amels 242'' (74m)

Amels 242

$130,000,000 Contact

2023 Admiral 229' 8"' (70m)

Galileo 70

Inquire For Pricing Contact

2023 Sanlorenzo 201'9"' (62m)

Sanlorenzo 62 Steel

$67,000,000 Contact

3 Years Amels 200'' (60m)

Amels 200

$59,000,000 Contact

2025 Amels 196'10"' (60m)

Amels 60

$76,000,000 Contact

2024 Heesen 186'' (57m)

5700 Aluminium

$43,500,000 Contact

2024 Admiral 181' (55m)

Admiral S Force 55

Inquire For Pricing Contact

2023 Heesen 180'' (55m)

55m Steel

$56,000,000 Contact

2023 Mangusta 177'' (54mm)

Mangusta 54 GranSport

$41,600,000 Contact

2023 Sanlorenzo 170'' (52m)

Sanlorenzo 52 Steel

$39,500,000 Contact

2024 Heesen 164'' (50m)

50m Aluminium Semi-Displacement

$46,000,000 Contact

2023 Mangusta 163'' (49.9mm)

Mangusta 165

$31,700,000 Contact

2021 Heesen 163'5"' (49.8m)

50m Aluminium FDHF

$43,500,000 Contact

2022 Sanlorenzo 154'' (47m)

Sanlorenzo 500 EXP

$31,000,000 Contact

2023 Sanlorenzo 145'' (44.5m)

Sanlorenzo 44 Alloy

$29,000,000 Contact

2023 Benetti 145' (44m)

Diamond 145

$29,000,000 Contact

3 Years Sunseeker 137'10"' (42mm)

Sunseeker 42m Ocean

Inquire For Pricing Contact

2023 Pershing 141'' (42.98mm)

Pershing 140

$30,000,000 Contact

2 Years Mangusta 138'' (42.3mm)

Mangusta 43 Oceano

$29,600,000 Contact

2024 Benetti 134'12"' (41.1m)

Benetti Oasis 40m

$24,000,000 Contact

3 Years Sunseeker 131'5"' (40.05mm)

Sunseeker 131

Inquire For Pricing Contact

2023 Azimut 125'4"' (38.2m)

Azimut Grande Trideck

Inquire For Pricing Contact

2023 Benetti 120'9"' (36.8m)

Benetti Motopanfilo 37M

Inquire For Pricing Contact

2022 Benetti 119'9"' (36.5m)

Benetti B.YOND

$21,700,000 Contact

2022 Azimut 115'5"' (35.17m)

Azimut Grande 35 Metri

$15,400,000 Contact

2022 Princess 95'6"' (29.11mm)

Princess X95

Inquire For Pricing Contact

2022 Princess 95'6"' (29.11mm)

Princess Y95

Inquire For Pricing Contact

2022 Azimut 94'' (28.7m)

Azimut Grande S10

Inquire For Pricing Contact

2022 Riva 93'6"' (28.49m)

Riva 90 Argo

Inquire For Pricing Contact

2022 Sunseeker 88'11"' (27.1mm)

Sunseeker 90 Ocean

Inquire For Pricing Contact

2023 Wally 88'' (27m)

Wally WHY200

Inquire For Pricing Contact

2022 Princess 86'6"' (26.2mm)

Princess Y85

Inquire For Pricing Contact

2022 Sanlorenzo 88'' (26m)

Sanlorenzo SX88

Inquire For Pricing Contact

2022 Princess 82'7"' (25.18mm)

Princess X80

Inquire For Pricing Contact

2023 Van der Valk 60'' (20mm)

Van der Valk Beach Club 600

Inquire For Pricing Contact

2022 Riva 68'' (20.6m)

Riva 68 Diable

Inquire For Pricing Contact

2023 Tecnomar 63'' (19m)


$3,700,000 Contact

2025 Admiral 344'48"' (105.3m)

Galileo 105

Inquire For Pricing Contact

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