FGI Yacht Group Positions Itself in East Hampton, NY

Known as the playground for New York City’s elite, the Hamptons is rooted in its history as a mecca for fishing and yachting and has more recently shifted to incorporate superyachts. With marinas expanding to accommodate larger yachts – some up to 300 feet – it stands to reason that the need for a presence in the area is in demand.

As the only superyacht brokerage firm in East Hampton, NY, FGI Yacht Group is spending our second summer wisely by establishing partnerships, curating a team of brand ambassadors, and hosting intimate, private events. Located in the center of town on Main Street, FGI’s modern yet quaint office encourages walk-ins; we use the space to meet with like-minded, relevant businesses that share similar goals.

FGI chose East Hampton as the ideal location to expand awareness and our reputation. As a firm that puts clients first through a hands-on approach to marketing and superyacht services, East Hampton perfectly matches our brand aesthetic intimate, yet deeply connected and in tune with the needs of its community.

“The Hamptons has changed over the years, yet remains the same. What I mean by that, is the town has maintained its charm through the years, yet it has expanded to include a younger demographic that is keen on life at sea,” says Charter Manager Mateo Betancurth, who has now spent two consecutive summers at the newer satellite office. Not limiting ourselves to a specific age group, FGI works with seasoned yachtsmen who are well-established in the superyacht world, as well as the younger generation who is looking to expand their interests and experience life on the water.

FGI has partnered with notable real estate firm Corcoran, as well as the Montauk Yacht Club under its previous ownership by Gurney’s, and plans are underway to further expand its reach with other local businesses. FGI has become known for our VIP private events in town and will continue to expand on the success of this program.

Next up for FGI this summer is the Stony Brook Southampton Hospital’s 65th Annual Summer Party, held on August 5th, and The Hampton Classic Horse Show held from Aug 27th – Sep 3rd. Comments FGI Partner and COO Altea Llakmani, “I am genuinely thrilled to experience these prestigious events, connect with our valued clients, and seize the potential to elevate both our brand’s reputation and our rapidly-expanding team of local brand ambassadors.”

Interested in partnering with FGI in the Hamptons? Connect with us today at +1 631 604-6000 or [email protected] and start the conversation.


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