The Secret Jewels of the Caribbean

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          Take a St Kitts and Nevis yacht charter and discover the secret jewels of the Caribbean islands. With vibrant culture, rich history, and stunning beaches, this destination is a favorite among superyacht charterers and offers you the best of luxury and ease.

          There’s so much for you to explore on these lush islands, and there’s no question— the best way to see these majestic works of mother nature is through the experience of your own professional superyacht crew. They know these islands even better than some of the locals.This five-star service separates a boring vacation from the experience of a lifetime, where core memories are made, and five-star service awaits you at every turn.

          The lively island of St. Kitts boasts outstanding golf courses, a gorgeous marina, and bustling island nightlife. Nevis, the smaller and more laid-back of the two islands, invites you to unwind on the beach, soak in the hot springs, and enjoy the breezy atmosphere. Offshore, there’s plenty of opportunity for diving, so you can delight in the spectacular coral reefs and colorful marine life. Escape the stress of everyday life with a private St Kitts and Nevis yacht charter and explore the untouched beauty of the twin islands.



          Diving – Divers of all skill levels enjoy the clear waters surrounding St Kitts and Nevis. Of the two islands, St. Kitts offers more diving sites. With a 100-foot visibility, Coconut Tree Reef allows you to view the colorful schools of fish and large barrel corals. MV River Taw and MV Talata are popular shipwreck sites teeming with coral and marine life. The dive sites surrounding the twin islands are too numerous to name, and many divers have yet to discover them. Book your St Kitts and Nevis superyacht charter today and come be among the first!

          Coconut Tree Reef

          Beaches – There’s no shortage of breathtaking beaches on the twin islands of St Kitts and Nevis. Spectacular white, gray, and black sands line the twin islands. On St Kitts, you’ll find South Friar’s Bay, a tranquil beach with sparkling black sands, a perfect place for snorkeling. Across the water on Pinney’s Beach, the white sands invite you to relax under the shade of a coconut tree and listen to the calming tide. Sneak off to the lagoon just behind the beach. Contact us today to book your superyacht charter and learn more about the stunning beaches of the twin islands.

          South Friar’s Bay

          Explore – For the more adventurous traveller, a St Kitts & Nevis yacht charter allows you to do it all from ziplining to climbing. Test your endurance by ascending to the top of Nevis Peak and signing your name in the book at the top. Expect a moderate hike for the first half, but get ready for a climb on the second part of the hike. There are ropes to help you along, but this adventure is not for the faint of heart. It’s wise to take a guide if you are inexperienced with this area. Also on Nevis, a less difficult hike to the top of Nelson’s Peak gives you a breathtaking view of the sea and a taste of history.

          Ziplining in St Kitts

          History – A St Kitts and Nevis yacht charter immerses you in rich culture and history. Come marvel at the extraordinary architecture of St Kitts that dates to the 1700s. Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park (UNESCO World Heritage site) surrounds a wonder of architecture meticulously carved out of volcanic rock. History buffs fall in love with the fascinating historical sites on the twin islands. Your superyacht crew can reveal some of history’s best kept island secrets.

          Brimstone Hill Fortress

          Dining – The islands are abundant with a variety of delicious local cuisine. At Bananas, try out the best seafood the Caribbean has to offer or stroll the beaches lined with palm trees, hot spots, and grills. Just remember, you’re never too far away from the five-star food and service aboard your luxury superyacht charter.

          Bananas Restaurant


          The Best Time To Go – Escape the frigid winter and book a St Kitts and Nevis yacht charter from November to February. If a livelier scene interests you, come in July and August to enjoy the various cultural celebrations of the twin islands.

          Weather – The weather in St Kitts and Nevis is hot and humid most of the year. From January to April, there’s a cool and dry period, followed by a humid and rainy period that lasts from the middle of June until mid-November. The average temperature in the cool season is 77 °F, and the average temperature in the hot season is 82 °F.

          Airports – You can easily travel to Robert Llewellyn Bradshaw International Airport in Basseterre, the largest city on St. Kitts, from most countries including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Europe.

          Vance W. Amory International Airport is located in Charleston, the capital of Nevis, and sits on the northern part of the island not far from Oualie Beach. Contact us today to schedule your St Kitts & Nevis superyacht charter.

          Marinas – Built by internationally renowned developers, the Marina at Christophe Harbor docks some of the most luxurious superyachts of the Caribbean (250 feet). Porte Zante is a popular port and docks superyachts on its cruise ship dock as well as its 300-foot pier. Call us today for an itinerary customized to your dream St Kitts & Nevis superyacht charter.

          Christophe Harbour


          2001 Benetti 230' (70.1m)


          From $500,000 Contact

          2006 Benetti 208' (63.5m)

          LIONESS V

          From $493,000 Contact

          2013 Icon Yachts 205' (62.5m)

          PARTY GIRL

          From $490,000 Contact

          2010 Nobiskrug 224' (68.2m)

          SYCARA V

          From $485,000 Contact

          2010 Perini Navi 184' (56m)


          From $200,000 Contact

          2012 Heesen 154' (46.9m)


          From $200,000 Contact

          2005 Christensen 157' (47.9m)

          MI AMORE

          From $199,000 Contact

          2002 Christensen 145' (44.2m)

          I LOVE THIS BOAT

          From $150,000 Contact

          2006 Trinity Yachts 157' (47.8m)

          NEVER ENOUGH

          From $150,000 Contact

          2006 Burger 144' (43.9m)

          PURE BLISS

          From $150,000 Contact

          2002 Hakvoort 146' (44.5m)

          BIG EASY

          From $150,000 Contact

          2011 Azimut 116' (35.4m)

          TAIL LIGHTS

          From $75,000 Contact

          2014 Sanlorenzo 106' (32.2m)


          From $75,000 Contact

          2017 Maxi 99' (30.2m)


          From $75,000 Contact

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            TOP 10 THINGS TO DO

            1. Hike to Nevis Peak
            2. Wander the Botanical Gardens of Nevis
            3. Swim at Pinney’s Beach
            4. Stroll Lover’s Beach
            5. Snorkel at Oualie Beach
            6. Visit Cottle Church
            7. Suntan at Herbert’s Beach
            8. Go see the Montpelier House
            9. Roam the New River Estate
            10. Relax at Bath Spring House



            Country Code
            Eastern Caribbean and US dollar
            West Indies
            Weather Winter
            Weather Summer

            TOP 10 RESTAURANTS

            1. Indian Summer
            2. The Rocks
            3. Bananas
            4. Marshalls
            5. Oasis in the Gardens Restaurant
            6. Double Deuce
            7. Bombay Blues Restaurant
            8. Shipwreck Beach Bar and Grill
            9. SALT Plage
            10. Yachtsman Grill

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