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There is no better life experience to tick off the bucket list than a luxury yacht charter. With a private yacht charter through FGI, you will discover the rugged world of the Norwegian Fjords, the icebergs of Greenlands and encounter wildlife like never before. 

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A stunning arctic wonderland, home to more glaciers than people, Svalbard is a mystical region best known for the magical Northern Lights, the midnight sun, and its frozen, icy terrain. A place where nature rules in its full, raw and wild element. There is an abundance of wildlife to enjoy here, from polar bears to reindeer, arctic foxes and walruses. The perfect place for outdoor exploration and adventure, let the untouched beauty of Svalbard win you over as you discover this magnificent Norwegian archipelago.

Iceland & Greenland

The land of the midnight sun and home to the world’s only permanent ice cap, let the extraordinary wilderness of Greenland inspire you. A spectacular region, filled with Arctic desert landscapes, icebergs and glaciers in the north and mountainous terrain with diverse climates in the south. Come and discover its rich offering of Inuit culture and Nordic history while you cruise through its stunning icy waters in style. Explore this surreal land, and see for yourself why they say it’s unlike anywhere else in the world. In the land of contrasting landscapes, Iceland, immerse yourself in pure, wild beauty as you head off the beaten track on this charter. Best explored via water, take in the unbelievable natural wonders of Iceland from the comfort of your own charter yacht. Home to enticing extremes of nature, this country is known for its unique coastline of fjords, island and volcanoes. The dream Scandinavian yachting destination, it offers the ideal balance between the cosmopolitan allure of Reykjavik in the south to the surreal, raw, untouched nature in the north.
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From ice-white frozen tundras to towering glaciers and sensational landscapes, Greenland offers an unforgettable charter experience. The perfect ...



The ultimate arctic getaway, escape the humdrum of daily life and head to one of the world’s furthest Northern regions. Part of Norway’s magical ...

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