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Our website offers a wide selection of Westport Yachts for sale, from 100′ to 164′.

Some of the most renowned yachts in the Americas, the Westport are truly a breed apart. With a shallow draft, high volumes and exceptionally high cruising speeds, the yachts are ideal to island-hop for a week with friends and family. Popular in the Bahamas for their shallow draft, and in Alaska for their sturdy hulls, the yachts are simply ideal for an American owner looking to expand his horizons. 

Westport Yachts, founded in 1994, has constructed over 160 luxury yachts and business vessels. Originally specializing in commercial fishing vessels, Westport has applied its commercial-grade construction and design expertise to create some of the finest ocean-going luxury yachts available for purchase today.

The innovative utilization of sophisticated composite materials and technologies is essential to Westport Yachts’ outstanding construction. Westport’s composite yachts are less in weight, exhibit higher strength, and are comparable to steel and aluminium yachts without being prone to the corrosion that steel and aluminium yachts must constantly resist. The composite technologies of Westport consistently yield completed products with excellent fit, finish, and seaworthiness.

Two- and three-deck luxury motor yachts ranging from 112 to 172 feet in length make up their current fleet. In their large bedrooms, opulent common areas, and flowing decks, their clean and unique lines are infused with timeless elegance and charm.

Westport seeks to ensure that every yacht it creates is a statement-making vessel for its owner, with exceptional style, performance, and comfort. In addition, yacht purchasers throughout the globe have come to connect Westport with a superior quality of purchasing experience and customer service. As the largest yacht builder in North America, Westport is equipped to conduct all area of its business at the highest level.


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Discover all the Westport Yachts for sale:

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