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There is no better life experience to tick off the bucket list than a luxury yacht charter. With a private yacht charter through FGI, you can enjoy unparalleled service, explore some of the world’s most extraordinary remote locations, and create memories with friends and family which stay with you forever.

Charter Yacht Destinations

You can go anywhere in the world on board your charter yacht, but here are a few of the top yachting destinations to help inspire your trip planning.

Caribbean & Bahamas

The Caribbean is a classic charter getaway known for its relaxed vibes, beautiful tropical scenery and countless activities from scuba diving to zip lining. One day you can bask in the peacefulness of a postcard-perfect anchorage where you’re the only yacht in sight – and the next day you can cruise into bustling ports like St. Barths and do some luxury shopping just feet from your yacht. Just north of the Caribbean is the island nation of The Bahamas, which offers some epic cruising experiences from swimming pigs to cave exploration and water as clear as you’ll find anywhere.


The epitome of chic yachting destinations, the Mediterranean has long-attracted holidaymakers seeking a mix of luxurious onshore diversions and gorgeous scenery. There is much on offer in the Med, from the glamorous Cote d’Azur ports of St. Tropez and Monaco to visiting historic sites in Italy, Croatia, and Greece. Not to mention all the exceptional cuisine, clear-blue waters and stunning beaches that you’ll discover along the way.

Mediterranean Yacht Charter

North America

Offering everything from tropical islands to rugged coastlines and dazzling bright cities, North America is a varied and surprising superyacht destination. The West Coast is known for the stark desolation of Alaska, which promises  untouched wilderness and outdoor adventure. At the same time, the East Coast offers a rich maritime history with New England drawing in seasoned yachtsmen year after year. For those looking for a glamorous escape, the bustling cruising hotspot of Miami has everything from luxury shopping to art & design and world-class cuisine. 

South America & Antarctica

Antarctica, Patagonia, and the Galapagos islands are a few of the bucket-list travel destinations that you can explore in style on board your charter yacht. The Galapagos islands are a nature lover’s dream, where you can get up-close-and-personal with rare species and swim with penguins and playful seal pups. The southernmost cruising grounds of Patagonia and Antarctica are an adventurer’s playground. Did you know you can even heli-ski in Antarctica, or dive beneath the surface on the yacht’s submarine?

Northern Europe

A stunning arctic wonderland, home to more glaciers than people, Svalbard is a mystical region best known for the magical Northern Lights, the midnight sun, and its frozen, icy terrain. A place where nature rules in its full, wild element. There is an abundance of wildlife to enjoy here, from polar bears to reindeer, arctic foxes, and walruses. The perfect place for outdoor exploration and adventure, let the untouched beauty of Svalbard win you over, as you discover this magnificent Norwegian archipelago.

South Pacific

There is no better place to live out your Robinson Crusoe fantasies than on a luxury yacht charter in the South Pacific. Here you will find breathtaking coral atolls, untouched beaches, and verdant hillsides. Fiji is reporting more and more megayacht visitors each year, whose guests are drawn to the exceptional diving, unique experiences meeting local tribes, and playing castaway on an idyllic beach.

Mediterranean Yacht Charter

Central America

Chartering the Panama Canal between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans in Central America is one of the most awe-inspiring voyages a yachting enthusiast can make. But that experience is mostly about marveling over man’s engineering feats. There are other itineraries available that will take you past natural wonders such as tropical isles and dense jungles inhabited by an almost uncountable number of wildlife species. Much of the land on both coasts of Central America is designated as a national park, ensuring that it will stay in a wild and pristine state for future generations.

Middle East

 The Red Sea is touted as a leading destination for luxury charter yachts for a good reason. Located between the Suez Canals and the Gulf of Aden, the Red Sea is known for its glittering expanse of crystal-clear waters and coastlines dotted with rich cities, vibrant villages, and historical sites. Its expansive ancient desert shores offer everything from rich cultures to world-class cuisine and adventurous activities, such as desert safaris or sand surfing. The surrounding waters are teeming with biodiverse ecosystems, including coral reefs and deep caves, making the Red Sea the ideal destination for watersports lovers. In addition, its year-round warm and dry climate make it the perfect holiday spot whether it is summer, spring, or fall.

Mediterranean Yacht Charter

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